Our Family Adventure

The View from Mount Fuji

Any missionary kid will tell you that growing up on a mission field can have it’s share of challenges, but it can also open up a world of excitement, opportunities to serve God, and crazy fun that few kids get to experience.

Sure, it’s easy to focus on the negatives of being an MK: the loneliness that hits you sometimes, the language that you never seem to be able to master, the constant awareness that you’re not the same as everyone around you, and the one I always hated (and still do), having to say goodbye to those you love, on both sides of the planet.

BUT, life as a missionary isn’t about just those things. There is an incredible amount of joy, moments of hilarity that transcend rationality, a unique perspective on life and how to live it that only comes from deeply experiencing other cultures, and the moments of heart-in-your-throat, two-seconds-from-the-roller-coaster-drop suspense of really needing God to pull off a miracle, and then the delirious, blissful awe of seeing God pulling off the miracle with ease, yet again.

These images are a small window into the adventure that we have enjoyed as a family. Although they don’t have the ability to tell the full story behind them, our hope is that they offer a glimpse into the joy God has allowed us to have.