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  • Carter Connection- August 2016

    It has now been a month since we’ve returned to the United States. Although it’s only been three years since our last furlough, there have been quite a few instances where we’ve experienced “reverse culture shock.” The incredibly low cost of fruit and vegetables, and the ease with which we can throw things away, as well as the continual outpouring of love from our family, church family, and supporting church families has been incredibly refreshing! Of course, as many missionaries experience, there has also been the struggle to re-learn how to live and function in the ever-changing American culture. How often we find ourselves relying on our Heavenly Father to give us much needed grace and wisdom! New Supporters Needed! One of the purposes for this furlough is to raise support for several key areas of growth in our ministry in Japan. God has been very gracious in allowing our ministry to grow, and with that growth are areas in which we need your help, both financially and in prayer. Church Growth The first of these areas is the growth of our church. Due to the high cost of property in Japan, any expansion beyond our current situation will require a significant investment. Because ...

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  • Carter Connection- May 2016

    Have you ever been so busy that it was hard to “keep your head above the water?” We definitely entered that phase over the past few months with the many ways God has allowed us to serve Him! I’ve abandoned the “keeping my head above water” phrase for the more appropriate “Thanking God for scuba gear.” 🙂 Even in the busyness of all that God allows us to be a part of, He continually gives us grace to abide in Him, and He in us! Because of the futility of sharing all that has happened in one page, may I present… THE DOUBLE FEATURE EDITION!! Easter Record Breaker     For us, Easter is such an exciting time. In a culture where death is rarely discussed because of the insecurities that encompass it, it is a time where we as Christians can boldly and joyfully proclaim Christ’s victory over death and the grave. In a nation where Christianity is such a small part of the culture, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ has surprisingly started to draw a curious interest to many Japanese over the last several years. For the last four years, before our Easter services, we’ve held an Easter egg ...

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  • Carter Connection- January 2016

    The kingdom of God is immense. It is immense in the scope of its magnitude and power. That God allows me to play any role in it at all is a testament to His grace, specifically towards me. Over and over, I see my miserably inept attempts to show others His glory, and I see how He chooses to use those meager attempts to show ME how He draws men to Himself through those attempts. What a joy and relief to know that His kingdom is always in HIS hands! This reality has been shown to me many times, but in the past several months I have been specifically reminded of God’s magnitude and power in the lives of two men: Takamasa and Shuntaro. It took thirteen years… I met Takamasa, literally, the day after my family and I arrived in Japan thirteen years ago. He had come to welcome us to Japan and we hit it off the day we met. Since that time we have been praying that God would work in Takamasa’s heart. I have spent many hours witnessing to him and showing him his need of a Savior, but it has always seemed to fall on deaf ears. While ...

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  • Carter Connection- December 2015

    As we come to this season of Christmas, I am reminded again of the reason for our celebration. “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son…” What a gift has been given to us! That God would choose to look upon us with such favor is simply overwhelming. Jesus, thank you for loving us enough to come to provide salvation to us. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! This season is one of the heaviest concentrations of ministry that we have in Japan. Many people who would not step inside a church door will gladly come to hear (and sing) Christmas carols, as well as listen to the message of the birth of Jesus. Because of that rare opportunity of openness, we do our best to pull out all the stops to spread the gospel in every way possible. Here are several of the events that we have as at Akigawa Baptist Church to share the story of Christ’s birth. Christmas Outreach for the Homeless         Beyond the normal visits to the homeless people in our area, our church teams up with a military church, Yokota Baptist Church, to hold two big events every year to provide ...

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  • Carter Connection- September 2015

    God has blessed us with a wonderful summer. It was a special summer for me personally, as I turned 40 this August. Yes. It’s official. I’m no longer young. Please pray for funds for my Corvette. J In all seriousness, I am so thankful for the life God has given me. I cannot imagine being anywhere else, doing anything else, with anyone else that could bring me more joy. God is truly gracious to me. Summer Family Camp This summer, we held our annual family camp with six other Baptist churches in our area. We had 60 people attend, including 11 from our church. One of the families who attended from another church was a family of 4 generations, all of whom were saved except the youngest child. This is very rare to see in Japan. It was a great encouragement to our people to see faithfulness continuing down through each generation. Thank you for praying. Camp greatly encouraged our church folks. Start of New School Our Christian school started on August 24, and although it has had the normal obstacles that any new work encompasses, God has graciously helped us through them. Our school has 15 students; some missionary children, and some Japanese ...

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