Carter Connection June 2024

            Japan has five seasons. The fifth season, rainy season usually kicks off sometime in June and lasts for about a month. While many people here dislike the rainy season because of the constant wet, we don’t mind it all. The nice cool showers are a nice respite from the coming intense summer heat. Speaking of showers…😁 God’s blessings have been continually “showering” down on us all throughout these last few months!

Cookout Relaunch

            In the end of April we relaunched our church cookout outreach for the first time since covid began in 2020. Our church family invited many of their family and friends, and we had an amazing turnout! Over eighty people came! Easily more than half of those who attended were guests. More importantly, they were guests who were already connected to people in our church family, which means they have consistent contact with believers in their lives. For some of them, this was their first interaction with other Christians besides the family or friend who invited them. All of them got to hear the Gospel preached simply and clearly to them. It was a big day for us, and we are thankful for how the Lord used us to share the good news of salvation with our friends and loved ones.  


Last Thursday, we went to the airport to pick up life-long family friends, Joe and Sierah Pliska and their two children. (Joe’s mom taught Bethany when she was in high school). The significance of this airport rendezvous is that the Pliska family have come to Japan as missionaries out of our home church in Louisville! In fact, they were actually in Japan just beginning their survey trip back when covid started! They were able to raise their support even in the middle of all the chaos of churches struggling to meet during the pandemic. It definitely hasn’t been easy for them, but God has been gracious, and they are now beginning the next step of sharing the good news of Jesus with the Japanese. Please pray for them as they get adjusted to life in Japan (which is NOT easy!), learning Japanese (also not easy!), and building relationships and sharing Jesus with those around them. Also pray for us as we do our best to help them and walk with them through this next stage of serving Jesus!

No Signs

     On a personal note, a few weeks ago, Bethany had her one-year cancer checkup. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we started on this journey. What a year! We’re thankful for God’s grace in walking us through it, and for giving us prayer partners like you who are willing to walk through it with us by faithfully helping to bear the load through prayer. The test results came back showing no signs of cancer. We thank God for his grace and healing! And we thank YOU for your faithfulness and care for us through each step of the way. (And thanks for continuing to pray for her!)

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