Carter Connection March 2024

      Cherry blossom season is just a few weeks away here, and we’re enjoying the gradual change from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring. We’re preparing for several big outreach events over the next few months, and looking forward to seeing the blossoming of new life in Christ as the good news of His Gospel is sown around us!

A Wedding

      Motoharu brought Ami to church a little over two years ago. Motoharu was already a Christian, and Ami wanted to know more about Christianity. For about a year, the four of us, (Motoharu, Ami, Bethany and I) would share a meal together after church and talk about who Jesus was, and what it meant to put your trust in Him and follow Him. During time many questions were asked, and Ami’s understanding of Jesus grew and grew. Then, in May of last year, one Sunday while spending time talking with other believers after the service, she was ready to put her faith in Jesus! The following August, Ami was one of the ladies I got to baptize in the river near our church. Last month, I was blessed to have a part in Motoharu and Ami’s wedding! It’s so special to see the grace of God displayed through the lives of this young couple! Please pray for them as they begin their new journey as a husband and wife who love and follow Jesus! A family in which BOTH PARENTS love and follow Jesus is incredibly rare in Japan!

A Mortgage

     In our last letter I mentioned my parents coming to visit us for a few months. What a huge blessing it was to have them with us! Of course, just the joy of being able to spend time together was so wonderful! And as veteran missionaries themselves, they helped us in so many ways, seamlessly jumping in to provide help in different areas of the ministry. Along with that, we were able to finalize the main purpose of their time in Japan, to finish off the paperwork of the mortgage of our church, and to transfer over the ownership of the property. For our church family this was a huge milestone, because we were able to pay off the mortgage five years ahead of schedule! Our church is continuing to faithfully share God’s word, continuing to grow in following Jesus and loving those around them.

A Recovery

     Many of you have been praying for Bethany as she recovers from cancer. Her strength is continuing to recover and, although she personally would rather be up and running on all cylinders, her body is taking its time. Which is totally ok. Each day is forward progress. Our Father has been very gracious, and we’re VERY thankful for how far she has already come! We expect in a few months for her to be able to do backflips and frontflips effortlessly. Needless to say, we are so thankful for each of you who have prayed for her throughout this journey! You mean the world to us!

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