Carter Connection June 2022

Lack of parking spaces. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed this problem. How thankful I am to have it once again! As the COVID restrictions have been gradually easing here in Japan, Sunday services have also been gradually getting fuller and fuller. New families, new believers, and those who haven’t been able to come in a long time are once again filling the seats, connecting with one another, building relationships, and working to reach those around them. God is good!

Did You Hear!?

In our last prayer letter, I got to share with you about one of the ladies who trusted Christ named “Yoko.” She was one who was saved recently through the Bible study of another missionary lady in a nearby city. The other day, Bethany was at a park with Asher, and Yoko happened to see them off in the distance. She excitedly came up to Bethany and said, “Did you hear!? Did you hear!? I trusted Jesus!” The joy in her heart was clear to see! God had graciously called us to be faithful in planting the Gospel and another to water that seed, as God produced the bountiful work of salvation in her soul. And in holding us up in caring for our needs and praying for us, I thank God that you too get to share in the joy of her salvation!

Helping Hands

Waichiro and Yoshie were saved in their 20’s, raised their three children in a Christian home, and have been faithfully following Jesus for many years. (The story of their salvation is incredible. Both of them were saved out of a strict cult. Yoshie’s story includes a Buddhist priest who, in order to rescue her out of that cult, actually drove her to a nearby church, where she met Waichiro (who a few years earlier had left that cult and gotten saved), and more importantly, where she met Jesus!)

About a year ago, Waichiro and Yoshie moved to a neighborhood near our church to care for some health issues. Not long after, due to an increase in covid, their previous church, along with many other churches in Tokyo (including ours), had to transition to online streaming rather than in-person services. One day, as they were walking around their neighborhood, they discovered our church, and started watching our services online as well. After the covid restrictions eased, they came to visit our services, and felt God leading them to become part of our church family. After receiving the blessings of their former pastor, they moved their membership to Akigawa Baptist Church, and have jumped in with both feet, giving a helping hand wherever needed. It’s been so encouraging to see them welcome and care for new visitors, to see them invest in the lives of their brothers and sisters, and to see them grow in their own walk with Jesus.

This Father’s Day, Waichiro will be preaching and sharing his testimony during the Sunday service. We praise God for the way He cares for our church family by bringing in just the right people at just the right time! Please pray that God will use his testimony to encourage our church family and to reach others for Christ.

Thanks so much for your faithfulness in praying for us, and for praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ here in Japan. We so appreciate you all! Also, please pray for more parking spaces. And for even more people who need them.

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