Carter Connection- September 2014

Family Camp

2014 Family Camp 1Every year in the month of August, our church gets together with several other independent Baptist churches in the Tokyo area for Family Camp. This is a time of much needed Christian fellowship and preaching. This year we were able to have several ladies attend, as well as a man named Mr. Hanagaki, a noodle restaurant owner who was saved recently. 2014 Family Camp 2Because of his busy schedule, he and his wife (who is still unsaved) were only able to attend one day. However, while they were there, their hearts were touched by the time they were able to spend with other Christians. This year I was able to teach several young adults throughout our time at camp. Please keep these young people in your hearts as you pray for us. They are among the next generation of Japanese who will win their country for Christ.

Akigawa Baptist Church Family

In our church, we are constantly praying for and reaching out to the families of our Christians. Currently, we do not have any Japanese families in which the entire immediate family is saved. Therefore, the reality of unsaved husbands, wives, parents, and children is constantly in front of us. There are two ladies in particular for whom I would ask that you pray.

Sachiko Kawasaki has been a dear friend for many years and has faithfully served the Lord at our church. Her daughter is saved, but her husband is not. He actually comes to church quite often and he and I have gotten close over the years. Sachiko’s parents live several hours away and her elderly father’s health has started diminishing over the last year. She has been going back to take care of him as often as she can. While caring for him, she and her daughter consistently present the Gospel to him, begging him to trust Christ. His heart has gradually become tender, but he has yet to trust Christ. Please pray.

Another faithful Christian lady named Reiko Ito has been witnessing to her husband for many years. He has come to our church events on several occasions, and has even gone to help with the tsunami relief a few years ago (we witnessed to him a lot during that trip).  Last month, while she and her daughter were talking about how God has been blessing them, he told them that he did not want to hear about their God anymore. Obviously this is heartbreaking to Reiko and her daughter, Louie. Please remember to pray for Mr. Ito.

There has been some encouraging news too, though! Reiko’s oldest daughter, Sari, who is unsaved, started working at a day care center in downtown Tokyo and her immediate supervisor is a strong Christian who attends an independent Baptist church for the military nearby. We’re praying that he will be influential in leading her to Christ. Sari has also started to come to church occasionally. Please pray for her salvation!

Thank you so much for your faithfulness! We are continually overwhelmed by how vast and glorious Christ’s bride, the church, is, working to further HIS glorious kingdom, strengthening HIS body by giving toward each other’s needs, and praying for each other. How blessed we are to be part of that body of Christ!

Serving Him,
The Carters to Japan

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